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Auction Company


* Free first time consultation to discuss what you need and what we can provide.

* Any and all items sold for reasonable commission rates based on quality, quantity, time involved in the process and location (which is predetermined before the task begins in most cases).

* Appraisal services are based on a rate of $100 per hour and can be discounted if the party chooses to sell through Gaudreau's Auction Co. at a later time.

* Dependable broom-swept clean-outs available which is recommended when needed do to the fact that we can dispose of items including labor cost for less money than one can get a container for. It is a good idea to let expert eyes determine what is treasure and what is trash (don't leave money on the table). We also recycle as much as possible using Habitat for humanity, Salvation Army and other local charities to find homes for items that are not of "auction quality" but would be ashamed to just toss out. 


* Home improvements: In certain cases, once a home is cleaned out of its valuable's, recycled items gone and the interior is broom swept a few things need to be done to either sell, lease or rent the home out (a sprucing up if you will).

  Gaudreau's Auction Company holds a Ct. Home Improvement License and is fully insured to do light jobs. From replacing a few windows, doors and deck fixing to brush removal, light backhoe work, shrub trimming and grass mowing. Pricing by the job.

If you haven't gotten it yet, it's one stop shopping!!...Give us an e-mail or call when you have a related task at hand and we'll talk things over in confidence.

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