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Selling personal property can be an easy task in some cases but in most cases it can be an overwhelming undertaking no matter what the circumstances may be.

   Auctioneer/owner Kevin Gaudreau started helping his Dad "Smiling Jim Gaudreau" (who we lost on Christmas day 2012) when Kevin was around 8 years old gaining hands on experience for over 40 years, add  devoted staff members to that equation and you have a unstoppable team. 

   Gaudreau's Auction Company has seen it all in the past 50 years and we handle these situations with compassion, kindness professionalism and respect. 

When it comes to digging in and getting our hands dirty to get the job done we are at our highest Plato and unmatched by anyone. Whatever knowledge, experience and equipment needed to do any specific task along these lines are within our team and facilities. 

  Although our company is located in the small New England village of Rogers located in Killingly, Ct, and most of our work happens in eastern Connecticut we do cover all of New England as well as New York and beyond.

 Houses,  dusty attics, basements, big jobs or small tasks...  our team is looking forward to meeting you and "Getting the job done". 

‣   Frames & Guilded Objects

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> Vintage Toys (19th to 2oth century)

> Estate cars, trucks, tractors & equip.

> Coins and coin collections

> Quality collections

> accents and items of all types 

> Jewelry, Gold, Silver & Gems

Our facilities

Gaudreau's auction gallery is located at #21 Williamsville rd. Rogers, Ct. in a former church building built in 1863 which has lots of family history, great memories for many as well as a positive feeling when attending our fast paced country style auction with good sense of wit and humor.

  We also have over 5,000 square feet of storage facility to use when needed, 2 pull trucks, enclosed car trailer, enclosed cargo trailers, flat bed trailers and lots of other moving equipment when needed.

  Whether we're selling to you or selling for you we put most of the items on the world wide web for full exposer as well as old fashioned advertising in local papers as well as proper publications depending on the item(s). Our gallery has also been upgraded a widescreen projector making it easier to view small items from wherever you are seated (such as coins, toys and other small items.

Stop by and give us a visit at one of our sales... You can find our auction happenings at, when on the home page key in auctioneer ID# 14151 to view auctions and photo galleries.


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